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Alumni Association

 Past President Pete DiLaura '78 (left)
 with Board President Dom Pullano '76

Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends,

I am pleased and honored to welcome new members to your Le Moyne College Alumni Association Board. The eight new members serving a four year term are Audrey Rich ’54, Mary Anne Corasaniti ’65, Joseph DeWandler ’70, Scott Milnamow ’88, Eric Denk ’90, Ben Ferro ’93, Michael Keegan ’95 and Jon Kirby ’09.  These unique individuals represent a variety of class years spanning five plus decades and eight different cities and  professions. Our intent is for the Board to mirror the diverse graduates that Le Moyne has had the benefit of educating over its 60 years.


This year our intent is for the board to review our role and how it serves the College as well as the alumni. Staying connected has never been easier for our young graduates with the social networking and today’s technology. We would like to bring that into our committee work to improve networking, career development, and education assistance. Please consider reviewing your own situation if you can assist other alumni in their chosen path. There are many alumni, old and new, that can benefit from our own unique experiences. We can all grow in providing our knowledge and experiences with faculty and students through offering lectures, discussion groups, and internships. Also our post grads and MBA alumni are beginning to climb in numbers. They too have much to offer. The place to start is with the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs at the College.
The four year stay we had at Le Moyne gave us quite a bit that we have been able to develop into lifelong experiences. Many more of these adventures now are ahead of us, we just need to reach out and seize these opportunities. If I can be of assistance, or any one from the Alumni Board, please do not hesitate to call the alumni office at 1-877-LEMOYNE or e-mail Also you can contact me by e-mail at

All the best for your year ahead,

Dom Pullano '76


Our Mission

The Le Moyne College alumni association board seeks to strengthen the bonds of loyalty and friendship among graduates and the College, and to cultivate alumni interest in and understanding of the College's objectives, programs and activities. 

Members of the board also encourage alumni to provide material support to the College, and advise College officials as appropriate.

In addition, the board maintains permanent records of all the College’s alumni in order to provide efficient means of communication. The board uses College publications and a variety of programs to provide alumni with opportunities for continued educational growth.

Alumni association members are persons who hold degrees from Le Moyne College as well as all persons who have, at any time, been regularly enrolled as students and request membership. Honorary members of the association are: the current and former presidents of the College; the members of the Le Moyne College board of trustees and board of regents; the members of the faculty during their terms as teachers or administrators at the College and all those who hold honorary degrees from the College. Other honorary members may be nominated by the alumni association board.

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